Sunday, 19 January 2014

Selfless Selfie

Hello blog world,  how have you been?

I have had a few weeks away from the computer and the scrappy world to spend some time with my gorgeous family and take some well need photos and memories so I can keep my awesome scrappy obsession burning brightly. 

But what better way to get my scrappy fire burning then sharing a layout I made last week. 

Strange things happen when my iPad is left unattended. 

Strange but beautiful things. 

I don't mind really, its just another awesome image I get to record on to paper. 

My Grace taking gorgeous selfies on my iPad....seriously why would I complain about this. :)

Thanks for popping by and happy scrapping
Cheers Kylie xxxx


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Such a gorgeous photo how could it not be used!!!
Glad you're back ;)
Enjoy the last few weeks of school holidays :)

Donna said...

i really love this page

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