Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Who Is This Herman?

Who is Herman the German friendship cake?

Last week Lance and I where given this container of smelly, bubbling mixture, and unknown to us we had no idea what it was. But after a little bit of research, and reading the sheet provided to us,  we found out that this the smelly, bubbling goo was to be turned into a cake and a mixture we would share with other friends. 

I was amazed to find a web site all about Herman the German friendship cake, and I also found out that a few of my friends had already received this cake mixture. I felt as though maybe I had my head in sand. We where giving a "chain letter" cake.
In my research about Herman I found that he was popular way back in the 1970's  and still today this cake was being pasted on to other.  
So this made me think how old was my Herman the German Cake?

I never found out how old our mixture was and in the end I wasn't bothered to know and even the kids weren't to fussy either. All we wanted to do was to eat it, and pass our bit of  Herman on to others.

And how Yummy he was! 

So if someone says to you have you every tried Herman the German friendship cake and would you like too? Don't say no, don't be afraid or suspicious just say yes please and keep passing this weird but yummy "chain mail" cake on. 

Thanks for popping by
Cheers Kylie xx

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