Thursday, 19 September 2013

Meme Scheme

It's not often I get photos of my eldest son (Shannon) and it's not often I get a nice normal photo. But then again what is normal when you have a 17 year old that hates the camera and hates the fuss about photos.   

So the other morning before he left for school he popped his head into my scrap room to say goodbye, I grabbed my camera and snapped away like a frantic mother trying to get that one nice normal photo.

Well 20 photos later, we said our good byes and I popped my camera back and thought, yes finally a nice photo of my boy. 

I went through the photos and this would have to be the shot that expresses the best of  our Shannon.

Yes we have our own Grumpy Cat, but ours is a Grumpy Teenager!

How do you get that one simply nice photo of your child/teenager? 

Happy Scrapping and thanks for popping by
Cheers Kylie xx

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