Monday, 22 July 2013

Some Where Over The Rainbow.

This weekend I ventured into territory unknown to me. 

Yep that territory was baking. I can do it, but not very often and not as elaborate as this creation.

My beautiful daughter Grace turned 14 on Sunday and for ages I have always wanted to buy or maybe make a rainbow cake for her.  
I have seen so many of them posted on various sites and they have always fascinated me. 
So on Saturday evening I plunge in feet first to the would of multiple baking, food colouring, and massive amounts of icing and something that said would take 2 hours turned into 4. 

I got my recipe from this site and I brought Greens Vanilla packet mixes and followed their instructions to make their batter. I used 3 packets instead of 2 as my baking pans where larger in size. I use Queen Food colouring as I could not find Betty Crocker® classic gel food colors. When using the Queen’s colours don't be afraid to use quite a few drops to get that deep colour. Oh and the colouring does not change the taste to the vanilla cake mix. 

I separated the plain vanilla batter into 6 different bowls and added the colour to each bowl. 
Remember to make orange its yellow and red together and to make purple use blue and red colouring together.  When mixing the colours just use small amount at a time and then keep adding until you achieve the right colour. 

When your cakes have baked for 20 minutes, let them cool for 10 minutes and then turn them out onto a cooling rack for another 10 minutes to cool. I made the mistake of not cutting my cakes to make them flat for staking. So if you wish for your cake to look like a neater stack CUT THEM!!! 

I iced my cake using the icing from the Green vanilla cake mixes.  I did make the mistake of not creaming my butter before adding the icing powder hence why my icing isn't fluffy. But hey everyone has to have a learning curve while creating something. 
 Be aware that you may have to make more if your cakes are larger they make quite a big stack, be ready to do a lot of icing. 

And here it first every rainbow cake, and even though I'm not a baker I am truly pleased with my effort for a first timer. 

Oh just for fun and for those who are not following me on Facebook or YouTube here is the video of my daughter and I cutting the cake for her birthday last night. 
Be warned there is squealing in this video and could hurt some peoples hearing....Oh and its me by the way...LOL 

I hope some of you out there give it a go and if you have already please post a comment below with a link to yours so I can check it out. :)

Thanks for popping by
Cheers Kylie xx

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