Friday, 14 June 2013

My Brain Is So Wired And The Clouds Are Weeping

Hello Bloggers. 
Tonight I wanted to ask what is your remedy to getting over a head cold and quickly???

Waking this morning to a stuffy head and a runny nose is not the best way to get ready for a scrappy weekend. 
Why oh why must this cursed head cold hit me now when I have heaps and heaps of scrappy ideas in my head, that I really want to put on to paper. 
Tell me can you scrap with a head cold? There is nothing worse then putting your head down while you have a runny nose. 

Well enough of  my boo hoo's. I hope you are all well and able to scrap this weekend.

Thank for popping by
Cheers Kylie xx

1 comment:

Melissa Lawrence said...

I overdose myself on lemons. I can tolerate the sour taste and they are loaded with Vitamin C. Half a glass juice with half a glass warm water. Hope you feel better soon.

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