Friday, 7 June 2013

A Girl Ought To Have A Sense Of Humor.

Being armed with a camera most of the time while on outings with the family means I can snap those moments you want to capture and record for later on. 
It also means that I can capture those funny off the cuff moments, like this one of Grace. I asked her to turn around to me for a photo and this is what I got. 

The fun begins with something to catch the eye.

Remembering the date and what I wanted her to do all with a bit of Flair. 

Journaling with my Dymo seem to be the go at the moment. 

With one click of the shutter button and we have a shot that makes us laugh every time we look at it.

And now I have a funny page for her album.

Do you scrap those one off shots that just keep you laughing long after the event?
I know I sure do. 

Thanks for popping by.
Cheers Kylie 

1 comment:

Donna said...

love this one too. Yes, I like candid funny photos too. (BTW, love the new design of your blog)

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