Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gliding Across The Lawn, Oranges And Evian.

Thanks to the talented Sharmaine Kruijver, I had the pleasure the other day to pop round her house for a lovely lunch date, while she showed me how to edit a video. 
I also had the chance to see some of her latest's work up close and personal and this inspired me to create this layout.

"She Plays Soccer"
It's not layout with out that touch of Flair and a button or too. 

 Its not a sporting layout with out a hit of the game on the page.

You need that little bit at the top of the page to dag your eye down. 

And don't forget the funny little story that started this adventure to this page.

Dragging out the old retro label writer gives this layout it little pop. 

 And as always we wish for the sun. 

Seeing Sharmaine's layout "I'll try to be your light in love" with the very cool printed background, I could achieve this.  

Thanks Sharmaine for the yummy lunch and also sharing your talent with me which guided me to this layout. 

Cheers Kylie xx


Sharmaine Kruijver said...

awesome page, awesome post and glad I could help the process along a little :)
Now get that video up so I can see it :)

Donna said...

agreed-great page

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