Friday, 31 May 2013

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a me day. 
It was so nice not have to do any running around, and no house work. Just me, my scrap desk, some lovely new embellishments from D-Lish Scraps and some tunes playing in the background. 

I had in mind a beautiful girly layout about my eldest daughter and of how much she has changed In One Year

It started out with lots of pink and cute little hearts.

A lovely spot to journal and to express how much she has grown.

And completing it with lots of love. 

I don't regret  losing my little girl, because I am gaining this beautiful young lady to share more and more beautiful moments with. 

Thanks for stopping by 
Cheers Kylie xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bounce Up And Down Just Like A Clown, Everyone Knows Its A Slinky.

Oh how much fun are Slinky's?
Well in our house they are so much fun that we pop them on our nose and call it a silly Mo!

A little Mo here a little Mo there. A hexagon there,  

And another hexagon over here.

A stencil here.

and a stencil there.

And you have a layout about a kid, a slinky and how funny this boy is!

Thanks for stopping by

Cheers Kylie xxxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

To Share Or Not To Share That Is The Question.

Today I wanted to share with you another layout. 
But alas I decided to send this one into Scrapbooking Memories to see if I can get it published in an up and coming theme of Masking. 

The only thing I can share with you is a glimpse of what I created. 

I have all my finger and toes crossed.

I hope you have all been having some luck out there in the publishing world :)

Cheers Kylie xx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Gliding Across The Lawn, Oranges And Evian.

Thanks to the talented Sharmaine Kruijver, I had the pleasure the other day to pop round her house for a lovely lunch date, while she showed me how to edit a video. 
I also had the chance to see some of her latest's work up close and personal and this inspired me to create this layout.

"She Plays Soccer"
It's not layout with out that touch of Flair and a button or too. 

 Its not a sporting layout with out a hit of the game on the page.

You need that little bit at the top of the page to dag your eye down. 

And don't forget the funny little story that started this adventure to this page.

Dragging out the old retro label writer gives this layout it little pop. 

 And as always we wish for the sun. 

Seeing Sharmaine's layout "I'll try to be your light in love" with the very cool printed background, I could achieve this.  

Thanks Sharmaine for the yummy lunch and also sharing your talent with me which guided me to this layout. 

Cheers Kylie xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Take Me Back To The Place That I Know. On The Beach

On the weekend I had the pleasure of creating two new layouts. I have already shared one so today is the day I get to share the other. 

A bit of paper layer goes a long way. 

A quick jot of information to complete the story. 

A title and some cute feet split pins add those last little touches. 

And you have the complete story of  "The Journey of a beach comber". 

Who doesn't love to walk a long a beach with their toes in the sand as the water splashes over your feet. I sure do, do you?

Monday, 20 May 2013

All The Stars May Shine Bright. All The Clouds May Be White. But When You Smile.

Sharing is so much fun. 
So here I am here to share with you all a little layout I completed over the weekend.

A little bit of mist and a button here and there. 

Always add that bit of flair, and with a little bit of embellish tucking here and there. 

and then add that little bit of you with some words of love. 

And all together you get a layout that you are super pleased with, about the person that holds your heart.  
Who holds your heart?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Just Like Riding A Bike

Yes I'm back!

Scrapbooking it is just like that old saying “It’s just like riding a bike, you never forget”

In the last two weekends I have had chance to get back on that bike and ride with the glue pen in hand. 

Here are the layouts that I have complete and wishing to share with you all. 

 A is for Apple

Seriously Funny

 Taking Afternoon Tea

 This Boy

It feels so good to be back in the saddle and being able to let my creative side flow on to paper, I hope you all have been letting your creative side shine though too. 

Cheers Kylie xx

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