Sunday, 9 December 2012

Almost 70 Days

Hello world of bloggers, I finally have a quite moment to do a quick post about what has been happening in my world!

Well as I said in my last post both hubby and I ventured into the world of renovators!

Oh my what where we thinking!

It has almost taken us three months to transform our house into a refreshed and more modern house. We have lovely new water running through our house, we also so have a more energy efficient house with natural gas heat, cooking and hot water, we have also installed the latest in energy efficient lighting and insulating our living areas.
We have stripped, demolished, plastered, sanded, painted and designed.
Our life has been turned upside down with very late nights and incredibly early morning and no weekends.

But now we can see an end is in sight even with the little things to tackle, I can now have time to reflected on our achievements, and smile!

But if you ask us shall we ever do this again.... My answer of you all will be a big fat NO!

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