Wednesday, 1 August 2012

One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest.

Tonight will be just a quick post between making handmade fabric and felt owls.

I have been very luck to have family and friends like my owls and now they wish to buy them from me.  This puts a big smile on my face, as I really enjoy making them so much, and there is no point me making them all and keeping them for myself, gosh my house would be over run by owls very soon the way I'm going.

I have priced them quite cheaply and I am also happy to ship them off to places around Australia only. 
There are three sizes Large $15 (25cm tall) Medium $10 (12cm tall) and small $5 (10cm tall) those sizes are give a take a few centre meters, and postage of all sizes is $7.50 around the country.

I really get a great sense of happiness and satisfaction completing an order for someone and watching their face as I hand it over. I wish I could be there for the owls that I have posted. 

I also had the pleasure on the weekend to venture away from my owl making to make a pussy cat and here it is. I sold it to a mum from my youngest school and she was so pleased with it. As I walked away after giving her this newly made item, I had an idea, while don't I make sets. The owl and the pussy cat would be a perfect pair. So over the weekend I shall endeavor to make some. 

Well that's enough about my new hobby for now, I really should get back to making some orders I received the other day. 

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