Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A pleasure to make, and a pleasure to sell.

Over the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of selling some of my handmade owls, so finally I thought I would do a blog post about selling them.

This post will be all the information on sizes, price and how much it is for postage around Australia only, and a great chance to show off how they look.

Here you can see all the sizes together to get and idea. They come in all different colours and styles of fabric. People that wish to order normally message me on Facebook with which colour they would like their owl to be and which size they would like.

Here is the information to help Owl buyers out there ;)

This is my small Owl and as you can see it is the same size as an iPhone and they cost $5 AU

This is my medium Owl and as you can see it is the same size of a box of shapes and they cost $10 AU

This is my large Owl and as you can see it is the some size as a 3 litre carton of milk and they cost $15 AU

All owls are made with fabric, felt, with hand stitching around the eyes, beak, and wings and they have buttons for eyes. I also can make these owls without button eyes for younger children to play with. All owls are stuffed with hobby fill. 

Postage for my Owls is $7.50 AU for all sizes, and I can be posted anywhere is Australia only. 

Hopefully in the next week or so I shall endeavour to take photos of the fabrics I currently have and then this will help buyers decided on what they wish their owl to look like.

Cheers Kylie

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