Saturday, 16 June 2012

Larger, Brighter and Bigger.

Armed with new fabrics purchased today, tonight I want to share the NEW NEW owls I've been making.

Tonight I made one for my friend Donna who runs Ah Scrap, and one for me, with some special fabric that really grab me.

Donna message me the other day and ask if I would like to make one and sell it to her, but there is no way I would sell her one since she sent me some new new bottle caps (check them out) so I said lets call it a swap. I made her a smaller one the other night but I wasn't very happy with it! (Worse own critic) So tonight arm with the new fabric, altered and larger pattern I made her a new one and finally one for myself.

The red and brown one is for Donna and the Halloween one is for me, something owly to put on the mantel piece at all hollows eve.
I look forward to making some more and this time round I might just sell a few. It might be a little bit of pocket money for maybe some scrapping supplies...or even better more felt and fabric to make more owls. 

Cheers Kylie 

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Donna said...

and I cannot thank you enough!!! Your kindness and friendship is greatly appreciated!

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