Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window.

Tonight I want to share a layout I made last week; this layout is about my gorgeous furry mate Bernie (our dog).

Who said that dogs are "man's" best friend, what a load of rubbish Bernie is my best mate, he is always there to help keep me company while hanging out the washing, and no matter what mood I'm in he always loves me and shows it. 

So armed with a lovely photo my daughter captured on her new camera I completed this layout about my boy Bernie.

With this layout I thought I would keep it monochromatic (all the tints, tones, and shades of a single hue)
And of course with Bernie being brown, that's the colour. 

 I turned a wooden tag into a dog tag.

Typed out journaling, help give this layout a rrrraff feel to this layout.....Oh sorry I just couldn't help myself, had to just add a doggy pun. lol

Using paint was a must too, and the messier it was used the better for this layout. 

Well now that I have finally added this entry to my blog, I shall turn around and start another layout. I feel very inspired tonight with some photo's I have taken of late and I have not long just finished reading the latest copy of Scrapbooking Memories magazine. :)

Cheers Kylie 

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HeatherLynn said...

this is adorable, Kylie! love the color scheme and design!

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