Sunday, 6 May 2012

Silly Me

Well all my Facebook friends and all my Twitter follower know that this week my interesting news to share was that I may of possibly fracture my ankle :(

I am lucky enough to play netball on Tuesday mornings in a housewives roster. I love the interaction with other ladies that love the same sport as me and its another great way of keeping my fitness up, until I hit the ground silently screaming as I landed wrong on my ankle.


and more ouch 

So now I'm on crutches and r&r and waiting to have more scans to see what the damage is. 

Tomorrow is my second doctor appointment and I'm a little nervous I'm hoping that its not broken as I really cannot have time off at this time of the year. With the weather here turn dreadful and cold and with  4 children to run around,  soccer session just starting and Lance is extremely busy at work, we both don't have time for me to be laid up :(

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery non the less and I hope that its not the end to my netball session with a bunch of great ladies. 

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Heather Landry said...

Oh I really hope it's not broken! You poor thing. Yikes!

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