Monday, 21 November 2011

Jam Packed Calendar

WOW..its November already...well its almost the end of November to state and obvious fact. :(

The next two months leading up to Christmas and with school finishing the week of Christmas, we are going to one busy busy busy family.  We have a Grade 6 leaver, and a Grade 10 leaver which have our calendar pretty much booked out with events. I also have a grade 1 that has more then one end of year excursions which of course mummy will have to attend, and we have our grade 7'er that is committed to the grade 7/8 combined school band and he has performance coming up on the calendar. 

WOW I really feel that the family calendar will be jammed pack and with next month 6 family birthdays included, its going to be one roller coaster ride.

Um is this why they call it the silly season.....I think so!

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