Sunday, 16 October 2011

Jammed Pack Weekend!

Cheers to another jammed packed weekend with my children....ok it was only really two of them and Grace was the main one for three of the days.

We survived a basketball tournament all weekend, and one very soggy and wet soccer trophy presentation today.

This weekend I had the pleasure of coaching 6 really cool and always motivated girls. These girls represented their school with great honour this weekend, and even in the defeat of 4 games they still held their heads high. This is what makes me enjoy being a part of my children and other children's memories and goals. They showed true sportsmanship and great honour in their school sports uniform. I was one very proud parent/coach/manager.
I would also like to say thanks to our school P.E teacher for turning up on the weekend to score for our team, its awesome to see that he was will to give up his free time to come and support the girls. And the parents that came to support their daughters, they should all be very proud.
WOW what a great school we do have, and its with events like this that make me proud to me a Bowen Road Primary School mum.

I'm always so proud of my children, and both Lance and I always support and encourage our children  to participate in a team sport, and this winter just passed we encourage Sarah to participate in the Under 7 school soccer team. Today was her soccer trophy presentation day, so of coursed armed with the camera in hand to catch this moment, we turned up to a cold and rainy presentation. I'm so proud of her for proving to both myself and her father that she has the sportsmanship and courage to get up on incredible cold and freezing mornings to run around a soccer field and have a blast with her fellow team mates. So this afternoon in prime position on the mantel piece we have Sarah first ever trophy and hopefully not the last.

Congrats, Sarah for giving your best in your first every sport, we will support you with many more years of fun! That what parents are for ;) 

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