Monday, 5 September 2011

Doing it 1920's Style

On the weekend I attended a girlfriends 40th Birthday party at Irish Murphy's and of course it was a fancy dress event.

I decided that I was going to go as a Flapper from the 1920's, and thank to my wardrobe my outfit only cost me $30.  I already had the dress and the shoes, all I had to purchase was a pair of fishnet stockings, some cheap strings of pearls, a feathered boa, and a fancy head band.

And I was set for an amazing evening with great food, great music and fantastic company.
A night to remember!


sutty said...

You look fantastic - sounds like a great night :)

Sarah said...

Look at you in your fancy finery!!! You look amazing, what an awesome theme for a party!

Donna said...

you look fantastic

Izzyb said...

What a fun fun party. I love your costume. You look mah-ve-lous!

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