Thursday, 18 August 2011

The End Of An Affair

Yep its over! this long term affair I have had for many years, is soon to end. The nights where I have snuck out, and the weekends away. The moments where I have been lost in the passion and also the times I have been happy to just sit and chat, is all about to come to an end.

Scrappers Heaven is closing down! ARRRRGGGHHHHH

This little quaint and cute store owned by Natalie, Val and Heather, 3 amazing ladies  is closing on the 27th of this month. :(

If it wasn't for this little store I don't think I would of continued with this amazing craft of scrapbooking I enjoy today. I would also like to thank  these wonderful ladies for giving me the chance to teach and show off my work. I loved every single lesson, from the beginners to school holiday programs with 12 - 15 excited giggling girls and the just the chance to share my ideas with fellow scrappers. Over the years thanks to Scrappers Heaven I have meet some amazing ladies that also enjoy this amazing craft of scrapbooking, and made some wonderful friendships.
I know that these beautiful ladies have put their heart and souls into this wonderful store that sometimes I use to call home.You have given me two wonderful and side cracking retreats to remember.  I'm going to miss driving down the road for a piece of card stock or something more,  you know that missing bit to a layout and also a quick chat. I don't know how many times I would say to them don't print me a receipt otherwise Lance will find out how much money I'd have spend in there!

Girls you have giving me such great memories and helped me so much along the years, you have even help me through the hard times in my own personal life.

Oh and before I  go also like to shout out to Janet, another wonderful lady that worked for the girls. I would like to say that you have one of the most loving and kindest souls I have ever met and it was a pleasure working with you. xxxx

Its an end of an era, a end of a life style that I have wedge well into my heart and life. I will miss this part of my life I will miss our occasional retail affair.

Good Luck Ladies. xxxx


Jo in TAS said...

I was in there yesterday, it's so sad seeing another bricks and mortar shop close, especially one so close to where I work and live!
Janet was in there too and I tried convincing her to start a blog so I can continue to see her beautiful work, fingers crossed she takes blogging up!
PS Keep scrapbooking Kylie, I love your stuff too!

Melissa Jane said...

So sad. I loved the retreat and meeting all you wonderful crafty sorts. I'm sure we will run into each other from time to time.

Sue said...

So very sad when a 'bricks & mortar' scrapping shop closes, hope you can still get to enjoy get aways and scrapping weekends somewhere sometime :)

rockwelldesigns said...

Kylie that is so sad! :( I'm sorry you have lost your place to sneak away to. I hope you don't stop creating and you find another place to go. Maybe you can get together and do your crafts with some of the ladies from the store.

mel said...

this is so sad,hope you keep scrappin and get together with some of the ladies you have met
and keep creating

Sarah said...

Oh no! I hope you can find another place to love just as much. Hope the weather is starting to turn down in Tassie - we're getting longer days and beautiful spring breezes here in Queensland. Although that hasn't stopped the cold's and flu's! Hope you and your family are well!

Elizabeth said...

Wow that is sad. The one I hung out for years closed down recently :( No I don't have ANY good ones close by. I LOVE your SHE ART canvas. I'm inspired to make my own now, thanks! Great blog tfs! ps your kids are SO cute happy birthday to them both!

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