Friday, 5 August 2011

12 going on 21

Yep its Grace's 12th birthday! and this is a belated post for her birthday which was the 21st of last month. She had a great day with opening pressies in the morning before school, so Dad could see them. Then it was off to school armed with two containers  full of cupcakes for her class mates and friends. Then in the evening she had her favourite cooked meal, home-made cataloni, with salad and chips and and ice-ream birthday cake for desert and also a home-made marble cake that Dad made for her.

Opening Presents

Your first camera how cool!

All your cool stuff!

Yummy your marbled chocolate cake!

Feel the warmth from all those candles.
I think Dad is going to have to make a bigger cake 
next year.

We have been so busy here in the Cornish house hold. We have had two school excursions, heaps of band practice for both Zac and Grace. School winters sports with Grace (netball) also netball try outs for Grace. Grace also has had two band concerts, one was a tour to our school and another primary school, and the other was to play in fount of some parliamentary members that came to the girls school to open their new library and other buildings that have just been completed. We have been organising work experience for Shannon and also Shannon got his first job this week. YA! Congrats Shannon!
I have been in the full swing with my Active After School Sport (AASS) afternoons, we have just completed week 6 out of 9, and I'm having a blast and I think the kids are enjoying them too!

Well this is me for now, I hope all you fellow bloggers and blog readers have had a wonderful and fulling life as I have in the last few weeks  ;)


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