Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nothing For Show But Something To Tell

Well this entry I have nothing to show as I haven't created anything this week, scrapbooking wise that is :( So this week is only a tell post.

I've been a bit distracted this week with reading up on Basketball rules and organising myself for my AASP (Active after School Program) sessions at the kids primary school.
I really wanted to make sure that my first session with 25 + children was going to go off without any hitches, but alas with my nerves on high I did find the first session a bit daunting. Not everything I had  gone to plan and the teacher that helps run the session asked if I could change a few things  while teaching. But like a true coach I was able to change my sessions too accommodate what they wanted for this first session. I'm hoping with my first session under my belt that it’s going to be easier, as they say the more and more you attempted something the better you shall become at it! ;)

So with that happening this week and with running around after my 4 very busy children, I haven't had time to sit at my scrap desk and create. I also haven't even had the chance to even start my scrap-room Reno’s. I'm not sure what to do first maybe create something, or start to pull my room apart so I can start preparations ...argh!
Maybe I've picked the wrong time to start my scrap-room Reno’s, I want to put some of my furniture in the kids rumpus room and right now with it being winter the kids are hanging out more in there and well its not really fair taking up room in their chill zone! Maybe I might have to put my Reno’s on the back burner?

Well this week I'm going to attempt to make something, even if it's some more ATC's for the swap I'm in, or start the Matchbox Challenge that Allison (Allisonaussie) from has messaged me about.  So let’s see what this week brings. 

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Sandy Ang said...

Hope next week goes better and you have more time to yourself. I've always found myself more creative after re-organizing my stuff

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