Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wanting to be Somebody?

WOW this afternoon I was reading some blogs of some amazing scrappers this afternoon and I also saw some amazing pieces of work, and its got me thinking, and asking myself how can I make myself one of those amazing scrappers one of those amazing people that inspire me to create. I would like to be one of those ladies you see in the magazine creating and posting information about this amazing craft.  I know in the past I had my chances to make a difference in my scrapbook life style, (teaching and being published) but I let it slip away when I feel out of passion for the craft and life a little. So now I'm kicking myself, and now that I have gotten the bug again to create I want to see more from this craft. Am I asking for to much, or should I just take a step back again and remember that this craft is not about becoming someone known, but creating something that brings out the passion within me to create treasures for my family and generations to follow??  Have a just answered my own question??

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Sandy Ang said...

I have found that the most enjoyment I get from craft is the experience of creating. Everything else, the blogging, publishing etc are like the cream on top.

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