Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two More

WOW what a weekend!

I have finally started my online coaches course for the kids school so I can teach basketball in the After School Activity Sessions. I have completed 3 modules on Friday night, but once the brain started to turn a bit mushy at 10.30pm it was time to call it quits. I have another two modules to go I think :/
Gosh I have never read so much information in one go in along time, the last time would of been way back in the day of college maybe...LOL, but it did feel great to pass each test after I read and completed each module so far! YA ME!!!

But the best thing about this weekends is I completed to more "She Arts"......YIPPEEEEEEE

These two are for my beautiful girls.

I did "She is still learning" for Sarah, because she is only 7 I though that this "she art" quote was perfect for her as she is still learning every day of her young life, and I made a fun and playful background for this one. I'd had seen many types of this background done on other "she arts" and though this one would give me a great chance to have a play with this form. I completed the back ground using coloured tissue paper this time to create the sun and the ground, I also used paint to brighten them.

The next one is for my eldest daughter who is 11 and really into music and playing music quite loudly in or rumpus room when ever she gets the chance, oh and dancing. So of course this "she art" is called " She Loves To Rock" I tried to give this one a really grunge look and added cute little musical note to it to complete that music feel to it!

I am really enjoying making this new art forms, the whole idea of getting messy just seem so much fun. I really enjoy the fact with this is it doesn't have to be perfect, you can mess it up and it looks OK, or you just layer over it and start again. I also love that you can quote something about someone that means a lot and how they make me feel about them.


Martica Designs said...

These are so cool.....

Just Jaime said...

Congrats on getting 3 modules done! Great She Arts. Love the skull shirt!

Sue said...

Love your 'she art', so awesome. I really like the mixed mediums you used!

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