Thursday, 23 June 2011

Time For A Change

Yep, that's it tonight I've decided that my scraproom really needs a make over. I want to change the colour on the walls and I want to sort out my space.
Just of late I have felt as though my room is to crowded, which it is! I only have a small room and of late with all the products and creations I've made I feel like I'm running out of room. I'm not financial able to go out and by new furniture, but I think I can work with what I have and change it to make it better. I have been scrapping in this room for the last 6 years and really nothing has change other then adding a more and more scapbooking products..LOL.
So I think its time to make a change, the only problem I can see with doing this is that my scrapping will slow down or maybe even stop for awhile, oh unless I take over the dinning table of a night, yeah that sounds like a plan maybe hubby will be happy to see me of a night, even if its not our Snuggle/tv night together.

Here are some photos of my scraproom. Wow I can't believe now looking back at them on, just how much more stuff I have crammed into this small room of mine. :o

Here is my scrap room in the beginning of the year 2006

This is at the end of 2006 with my new storage boxes and new cupboard and computer desk behind my scrap desk.

And this is now!! I know I could of tidy my room first, but this is what I walk into every time I have a project underway and sometime it looks more worse then this as there is normally stuff all over the floor. So here goes 2011 I really do think that its time for a change.


Carla said...

Well have fun with the transition. Its a task taht is for sure. I just had to rearrange everything in my room too to clear up a window for an air conditioning unit, the window was covered partially by plastic containers. Took me all day to get through my room and that entailed cleaning..........but Im happy with the way it turned out, much better then before.

rockwelldesigns said...

Good luck with your Scrap room project. It is a huge organizational process isn't it? I had a scrap room for years but recently had to downsize. It has been a difficult transition but I'm making it work.

Sue said...

oh my you're so organised. My desk is cluttered with half finished projects. Now I have the urge to clean my desk and tidy up lol! Good luck on your scrapping adventure, changes always bring fresh inspiration!

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