Sunday, 29 May 2011

Broken again :(

Oh Lance what’s the deal!

Another trip to the hospital, yep Lance's heart went into A-fib (atrial fibrillation) again.

Our day started off like any other Monday morning, Lance and I sitting in the lounge enjoying a coffee before work. When Lance turns to me and says "that my heart is feeling funny" I leaned over to listen to his heart and it was racing a hundred mile per hour, and all he was doing was sitting on the lounge. I knew straight away that his heart was in A-fib again and I knew straight away to call the doctors. We got an appointment straight way so I took the kids to school; Lance went into work to tell him he had an appointment with the doctors straight away. We both meet in the doctor surgery, where the doctor did an ECG (echo cardiograph) on him and then the next thing Lance was being taken to hospital in an ambulance. AARRRGGHHHH

The feeling of why Lance!, hit me why is it a healthy 38 year old guy who is fit and looks after himself with good eating and all that, be suffering from heart problems. We wanted answers; we both wanted to know what the deal with this A-fib was and could be control with out his heart having to be started again like the last procedure.

Lance spent 3 days in hospital being connected to a mobile heart machine, and being heavily medicated to get his heart back into rhythm and also thinning his blood so no blood clots would form and cause Lance to have a stroke. One of the drugs that he is on is warphin and it’s such a strong drug that Lance has to have is bloods tested twice a week to see how his blood is thinning.

We have a long road a head of us at the moment with Lance having to have many appointments with a heart specialist to see what the deal is and why this is happening. I know that Lance is scared he tries to not show it, but I can see it I can see when he his sitting down in the lounge room or having moments to himself, that he his thinking why him? What will this do to him, will his active and adventurous life style end. He wants answers he wants to know will he be on medication for the rest of his life. Can they fix it so the threat of stroke will not have to be an every playing fear on his mind?

All I can say is that I'm going to be here for him 110% I will go through ever step with him, I will attend every doctor’s appointment if he needs me; remind him to take every pill. I will help Lance deal with this and I'll be his shoulder to cry on, and an ear to help him vent, a diary to help him remember.

That is what our vows mean to me!

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Sarah said...

oh my what an ordeal - it sounds like you were on to it pretty quick thank goodness. Lance is so lucky to have you!!!

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