Friday, 8 April 2011

Sarah's Birthday

As the title says, its Sarah's birthday....WOOOOHOOOOO she is 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow she is 7 gosh how that time as flown, my baby girl is growing up so fast.
This year for her birthday she really wanted Tinkerbell, so Tinkerbell was what she got. She also got these new toys called Squinkies, they are these little figurines that are plastic and you collect them. They also come with special containers that you can hold them in, the one that Sarah received from us was a cute little teapot that you used just like a gum-ball machine. Oh it was sooooo cute!

Sarah was also super happy to because this year she didn't only get to celebrate her birthday on her birthday day. On the weekend she was having her first official birthday party at home with friends from school and of course the theme is going to be Tinkerbell!

Tinkerbell DVD set and a very cute Tinkerbell doll

Squinkies lots and lots of squinkies!

Yum a Freddo Frog ice cream cake after dinner, Lasagna, chips and salad which you choose.
It was a great choice to Sarah because everyone likes lasagna and it went down a treat!

Yum eating the cake off the candles and Zac and Grace ready to dive into the cake, good luck with that Sarah has to cut it first...LOL

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