Monday, 11 April 2011

Sarah's Birthday Party

Well its the day after Sarah big fairy party, and what can I say about that....THANK GOD!!
Thank god its was a success and thank god that its all done with for another year. I had forgotten what it was like to host a children's birthday party at home, its been a while!

All the awesome prep I did for her big day came together so well and I was so please that the girls had a great time and that Sarah was so happy. There is nothing better then a feeling that all the effort I did was so worth it because Sarah loved every minute of the Birthday party.

We started the party off by playing Pass the parcel, and Pin the wings on the fairy. We then all decided that it was food time, and with a table full of yummy party food all you could hear from the dinning table was giggles and laughter, I think the big hit on the table was the homemade cupcakes and the frog in a pond, and the piles of food were going down a treat. After the food I took all the girls outside to play treasure hunt and then after that game I thought it would be good to come back inside and have Sarah's birthday cake. Then to finish off the party we all went outside and played with bubble that the girls all won when playing games. As I was watching the girls play with bubbles I knew that the girls where really happy with Sarah's birthday party and it was a great success!

Maybe next year I might do it again...we'll see.

Sarah's table placing

The hand made Tinkerbell Banner I made.

Setting up before the guest arrive

The Birthday girl

Pass the parcel

Time to eat

Yum Yum Yum Party Food

Cake time

Blowing bubbles in the front yard!

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