Sunday, 27 March 2011

One Month

Well here it is, it's almost the end of March and I'm entering a blog entry. Ive decided that on Sunday nights I will make time to do an entry so this should mean that I'm updating more often, lets hope it works.

Wow what a busy month we have had, camping trip, sporting events, school camps, after school sports, and birthday party organising. Plus I squeezed in a couple of layouts and some prep for Sarah's Easter class activity. I have offered my creativity for Sarahs class next month to make Easter milk carton bunny and chickens for the children.

Another thing that we have done this month was getting away camping and fishing on our boat. It was an interesting weekend with Friday night the first night, Lance being abused and assaulted by a disrespectful youth at Gordon where we normally camp. This meant we packed up on Saturday and decide to go home or move camping site. The decision in the end was to move to a new camp site at Egg and Bacon Bay, and what a great decision that was. We ended up having a brilliant weekend. The kids had a chance to get some great fishing in, there was a beach for the kids to play and swim at and the locals in the area where so lovely that we felt at ease all weekend. So for the rest of the long weekend we had a great time away.

Lance's Shiner

Zac with the catch of the day (Kelpie)

Sarah playing on the beach

Camp at Egg and Bacon Bay

The girls playing in the beautiful sunshine.

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