Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Layout.....New Toys

Last week I made a new purchase of some new scrapbooking items. Instead of buying new papers or new embellishment, NO I brought new toys...they might not be new on the market, but they are new to my stash. And it was great to have something new to play with. These products where an Aqua pen, and a Mini Mister, of course this weekend on my lovely Sundays I have hibernating in my scrap room I had a chance to play with them.

I made a couple of cards using the Aqua pen. The pens are just filled with water and they are great to use with watercolour pencils. They are great with that faded colouring look.

The Mini misters are a great toy too. With the new layout I created I used it to spray a mist of water down paint on to the layout. You can use ink in them, put I find that I have a great range of Kaiser paints and when you water them down in the Mini Mister you get a great spray effect.

I think both of these new toys will be a great asset to my scrapbooking tools of the trade.


Donna said...

I love this page - its so beautiful

Kylie Buchanan (Liston) said...

Love that layout!! :-)

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