Monday, 3 May 2010


Well it Monday all right, I've done the whole get the kids ready for school, drop them off and then hit the gym for and hour. I weighted myself this morning, and it looks like I've plateaued. WHAT THE!! I go three times a week plus throw in some netball and you think I would be trimming down nicely. GOD I don't even eat junk food, I'm really careful with what I eat. I can see changes in my body like my hips don't look as big...but why the hell hasn't my weight dropped...I think our scales are broken.....yep thats it......and thats what I'm sticking with...LOL.

I can't believe it today I normally run around with my head cut off after going to the gym, getting on with house work, but today I'm having a I can't be stuffed day. Don't get me wrong I have done house work, all the washings done and out on the line drying, the kids rooms are clean and so is the rumpus. Even thought I did ask the kids to clean that room yesterday. I've even caught up on the folding form the weekend. But really is this the consistent of my day today. Normally it wouldn't bother me. But today things just seem either to hard or...more to the point "why bother" I know as soon as the kids get home it all going to turn into a big mess again.
Ah yes this is me venting a bit...I should just pull my head in and just get one with my day.
I think the reason I'm procrastinating is because I know I have some mending today and I really cant be bother. The thought of setting up the sewing machine just seems to hard, plus I don't want to move the layout on my desk to set up the sewing machine. I did two layouts yesterday and started another last night before I went to bed. Maybe its a sign that I should make myself a coffee and finish this layout that is on my desk... um

Well it something to think about while I make myself some lunch....but I just know I'll end up getting the sewing machine out and repair several items of clothing that need mending. Gosh so old fashion!! specially in a throw away society. I'm a dying breed of woman that is still willing to fix something before tossing it. I think I must be.

Oh before I go here are the two new layouts I did yesterday, the photo's aren't the best as I took then last night and the lighting wasn't the best.

Camera Savy

Summer Fun

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