Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kicked In The Guts

Well its time to blog again and this blog entry is similar to the last one. Its all about me struggling to lose weight. Today I had an appointment to see a plastic surgeon, about having a tummy tuck. It was great today to find out that I'm a great candidate for one. Its just a shame that I'm not ready for it. I was told today that I have to drop more weight. God I felt like I had been kicked in the gut today when I was told I'm over weight and I also have an abdominal hernia. Bloody pregnancy really can do havoc to a women's body. I knew having 4 c sections would be traumatic to my body, but I never thought they would be traumatic to my mind as well! I now have 6 months to lose 5 kg minim but preferable 10 kg and to give up my disgusting habit of smoking. I've already rang my GP this morning and made an appointment to see what we can do about my weight lose and drug habit. I want this tummy tuck not just for vanity, I want it for me I would love to have my body looking semi normal (PRE BABIES) and I want to look sexy for my DH. I think that its time now that my children are growing up for me to think about myself. I know that my low self esteem as a lot to do with my body shape, and there is a way for me to fix it. I will do everything in my power to achieve it goal. I need this.....no wait...I want this! Wish me luck fellow blog reads.

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