Sunday, 30 May 2010

Keeping My Hands Busy

Yes I'm keeping my hands busy. I've been scrapbooking this weekend, to take my mind off not smoking. In some ways its been good, but in others its been bad. I normally go outside for a smoke while waiting for paint to dry. Well I did it.....I scrapped and only just had the urge to smoke and when I did I still went outside for fresh air not smoky air. Its day 3 today and I'm now proud to be a "QUITTER!" I can do this!!

Grade 9 - This is a photo of my eldest all ready for the first day of School this year.

2010 - This is a photo of the other 3 ready for the beginning of the new year for school!
I know both these layouts are late, but sometime scrapping is not about scrapping the event straight away, sometime you have to wait until that perfect pattern paper comes along or that perfect embellishment.

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