Friday, 21 May 2010

Feeling Better

Tonight this post is about how I am feeling after that shocking day I had Tuesday.

For all you blog followers, and causal readers out there. I am feeling great! I saw my GP (Doctor) on Wednesday and I am now on Zyban to give up my smoking habit. I think that it’s working already. I have noticed that the taste of them, are not too good, and that is a great sign that the end is near, because I already want to smoke less!

I have kept up with my gym routine this week even though I have not been loosing any weight in awhile. I have also just found out from the GP that because of my smoking, I am not eating to well and this could or should be the reason why I am not losing any more weight. Therefore, I am now making a conscious effort to eat three meals a day, and to eat in general (no more "skipping" meals for me). I have also booked myself a personal trainer once a week to get my butt really into gear at the gym. Therefore, if I cannot lose weight in 6 months there has to be something wrong with me.

I am pleased with my efforts so far and I am pleased with my motivation. Lance told me today that he is so proud of me, and he pleased to see the old Kylie, that would let this eat away at me and give up, is none existent. I am going to give 110% to this. I mean really what so bad about losing some more weight...and really giving up the cigarettes is bloody brilliant...If it means I get more of a life to live with my kids and family. I am going to give it my all!

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Donna said...

keep going Kylie, well done!!

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