Monday, 31 May 2010

Day 2

OK its day two with my personal trainer at the gym.....and OH MY GOD!!!

I knew that I wasn't fit....I knew that I had no upper body strength. Well I got another reminder today that it all was not up to shape for a work out. We started of with a light 5 minute row on the rowing machine to warm up....that was cool I could handle that, then it was time to go and work with some free weights and some dips. The dips were cool, I could handle them. I know that my strongest part of my body is my legs......BUT!! It all went down hill from there. He had me sitting on a fit ball to strengthen my core. But he had me lifting weights. And lets say I'm having trouble moving my arm above my head....gosh it’s a good thing my keyboard, is lower then my shoulder...LOL. After an intense work out on my arms, my personal trainer thought it would be good to give some boxing ago....How exciting, I get to vent some of my frustration about not smoking and I could clear my head while punching away! Well I was wrong with those thoughts!! I was totally shag! Who knew that boxing could be a whole body work out? You have to make sure you have the right stance for it and keep that in mind while making sure to keep a great posture and also keep your arms in the right position....IT KILLED ME!! I sweated buckets, I got hot and I found that my left arm is no where strong enough for a bout of boxing. But I booked my personal trainer again for next Monday.....SO BRING IT ON!!!! You know the old saying no pain no gain....I'm a sucker for it!! LOL

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