Thursday, 11 February 2010

Back to School

The kids posing for their Back To School photo's for me!

Well here it is Feb 2010, and the kids are back to school. And the big news is I have no kids at home, Shannon is in grade 9, Zac is in grade 6, Grace is in grade 5 and the big news is that Sarah is in Prep...OH my where did that time go. I cant believe that she is in full time school, it only feels like yesterday I we brought her home from hospital. My baby girl is a big girl now!
The first day went well for them all, and it sure did wear them out. I played netball last night and came home just after 9pm and they where all sound asleep and looking like angels, Lance said they went to bed with no issues and it was long and they were dreaming sweet dreams.

Zachary, Grace and Sarah

Shannon, my big teenage boy all ready for Grade 9

Sarah sitting on the mat in her new class room.

Sarah in the playing in the home corner! This is one of her favorite spots in her new class room and its only been two days.

So this is the beginnings of 2010 at school for the kids and a new adventure for me, having some me time for myself for awhile until I have to return to the work force.
But while I do have the time, I hope to take great advantage of it and get things done that I have wanted to archive last year but never got to them.

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Umm, did someone inspire you back to your blog kylie.

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