Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Morning In Our House

Well finally here are some snap shots from our house Christmas morning. Just like many others on Christmas morning with children there is the noise of excitement and squeals of joy and lots and lots of mess, we have Christmas wrapping paper everywhere toys and assorted gifts all over the place. But the best thing we have on Christmas morning is lots of love, laughter and smiles!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More Layouts

Here are some of the layout I have done lately!

My Winter Wonder


Close up photo of my layout HIKE, this is to show the distressing on this layout.

Together they Explore

Our Air Bud


Monday, 22 November 2010


As the title of this blog entry says I COMPLETED!! The Point to Pinnacle!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

I have never completed something that was so challenging before, it was just not physical but mentally too.
I started off slow and then I picked up the pace, and I even handled the base of the mountain well. But 17.5 km of the way up near the Chalet the body started to ache and journey seemed to never end thats when my body wanted give up. In my mind I was saying no don't give up you can do this, but oh I'm hurting and when will this end! I remember my hips aching from constant moving, I thought I could feel a giant blisters forming on the bottom of my feet. All I could remember telling myself what left foot, right foot. I tried to keep my mind of my pain by listening to my iPod, but come the last 2km I was really starting to feel the strain of this massive advent I has entered. I was starting to get emotional I could feel tear welling in my eyes. I knew it wasn't long until the finish, but I was hurting so bad, I want not to give up I want to show myself that "I can do this" I remember my children saying to me "mummy you can do this". I really need to push every bit of my energy on completing, I wanted to ring my husband as soon as I finished to say I completed! I wanted to be a winner in my books even though it wasn't a race.
It came to the last 1 km and I could feel the finish line wasn't far. I knew I could complete this event of human endurance and achievement. I only ran a 1 km on the treadmill Friday and it wasn't far. As I was getting closer I could feel myself slowing down (I was still hurting), and I could hear people behind me about to pass but at that stage I didn't care I knew that I was going to finish in a good time, and I was going to finish! About 500 m from the finish line there was a guy taking photos and I was starting to get even more teary, I was about to finish this amazing and challenging event I have every completed in my life. I knew I was about to ring my family and tell them that I finished! they where talking to a person that just completed a event that was achievement and a half for an ex smoking over weight lady! I completed in 3 hours and 28 minutes and 3 seconds. Not bad since we all had 4 hours and 20 minutes to complete it!! YA!!! my first time and I did it under the official completion time. I'm so glad they has buses for us to ride back down, there was no way in hell I was going to do any more walking. LOL

I have a confession to make I want to complete this event again next year and I would love it if my husband Lance will complete it with me.

Here is a link to some of the official photos that were taken at the almost finish line.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Setting a Challenge

OK Its official I'm either stupid or crazy....hold on I'm both....LOL

OK....No its me setting a challenge that needed to be set. I wanted to prove to myself that all this hard work I'm doing to my body and my mind is for the best, and also to prove that giving up smoking has made me fitter and stronger. I am completing "or should I say try to complete" the Point to Pinnacle, a 21.4 km walk all the way up Mt Wellington all up hill, all the way.
As I went into town to get my entry form today I knew that I was setting myself a big challenge and I also knew I would have to get my butt into gear and do some training. I needed to complete this for myself and also for my children to show them that when you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

Well wish me luck I will be participate in this challenge of mine on the 21st of November.

oh and here is my proof ;)

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Yep I'm finally on my blog again and here I go with and update for you all.

I'm still not smoking...WOOOOOHOOOOOO its now been 3 months with out a stinky cigarette hanging out of mouth. I am feeling fantastic, I smell fantastic too...oh even though I sweat my ass off at the gym sometimes I can smell. LOL
Oh taking about the gym I have a trainer and my god I so have noticed the difference with my fitness, body shape and general well being. I only have my trainer once a week which is a bit of a shame because he really keeps me motivated while working out, plus he is cute so it worth having him around while working out...LOL I also have changed my eating habits and this is helping heaps with my work outs and my weight loss. In total I've lost 5.5 Kilo's in 10 weeks..... YEAH!!!! I'm still on a mission to lose another 6 kilo's so I'm working hard every week, and I'm motivated too. I've very pleased with my progress and I must say so is hubby. ;) ;)

As for my other side of life "scrapping". I have completed 4 new layouts. With my new fitness life style I have been really busy throwing myself into sports...e.g netball twice a week, basketball training and the gym, I've only completed 4 layouts. I am in the process of working out away to have time to scrap and time for fitness. I've worked out that I can still have my Sundays and go to the gym. I just have to make sure I get up early on Sundays to do that.

Well I should jump off the computer and turn around to my scrap desk and get another layout on the way. I have an idea in my head and I really need to get it onto some paper I think.

Happy Sunday everyone ;)

Monday, 31 May 2010

New Layout

I created another new layout this weekend, this one was Sunday nights effort.

Beautiful in all shades - I had these photos printed for awhile and I printed one in colour, one sepia, and one black and white. I did this so when it came to make a layout I could pick any papers for the black and while, lovely neutrals for the sepia photo and then coloured pattern paper for the coloured photo. Well I thought since why daughter looked so beautiful in these photo's no matter how it was printed, I would show that off.

Here is a detailed photo of the layout to show the usage of two of my Fiskars Border Punches. I love the way they create this lovely border and can really enhance the layout and the paper.

Day 2

OK its day two with my personal trainer at the gym.....and OH MY GOD!!!

I knew that I wasn't fit....I knew that I had no upper body strength. Well I got another reminder today that it all was not up to shape for a work out. We started of with a light 5 minute row on the rowing machine to warm up....that was cool I could handle that, then it was time to go and work with some free weights and some dips. The dips were cool, I could handle them. I know that my strongest part of my body is my legs......BUT!! It all went down hill from there. He had me sitting on a fit ball to strengthen my core. But he had me lifting weights. And lets say I'm having trouble moving my arm above my head....gosh it’s a good thing my keyboard, is lower then my shoulder...LOL. After an intense work out on my arms, my personal trainer thought it would be good to give some boxing ago....How exciting, I get to vent some of my frustration about not smoking and I could clear my head while punching away! Well I was wrong with those thoughts!! I was totally shag! Who knew that boxing could be a whole body work out? You have to make sure you have the right stance for it and keep that in mind while making sure to keep a great posture and also keep your arms in the right position....IT KILLED ME!! I sweated buckets, I got hot and I found that my left arm is no where strong enough for a bout of boxing. But I booked my personal trainer again for next Monday.....SO BRING IT ON!!!! You know the old saying no pain no gain....I'm a sucker for it!! LOL

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Keeping My Hands Busy

Yes I'm keeping my hands busy. I've been scrapbooking this weekend, to take my mind off not smoking. In some ways its been good, but in others its been bad. I normally go outside for a smoke while waiting for paint to dry. Well I did it.....I scrapped and only just had the urge to smoke and when I did I still went outside for fresh air not smoky air. Its day 3 today and I'm now proud to be a "QUITTER!" I can do this!!

Grade 9 - This is a photo of my eldest all ready for the first day of School this year.

2010 - This is a photo of the other 3 ready for the beginning of the new year for school!
I know both these layouts are late, but sometime scrapping is not about scrapping the event straight away, sometime you have to wait until that perfect pattern paper comes along or that perfect embellishment.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chucking the Fags away!

Ya its Day 2 on my mission to give up smoking...and boy can I tell you it's a ride and a half! I started the transition to give up on Thursday last week, I started taking Zyban and it was helping me cut down on the amount of smokes I was having each day, and it was making them taste darn right awful. But the big moment was after day 7 I had to not even smoke one....I was going great guns. I got up early and hit the gym for an hour or so, then I came home to do house work and all was well. But it all feel apart when I made Lance and myself a coffee in the afternoon when he came home. I couldn't believe the feeling that came over me. I was finding it hard to breath, my chest was hurting, my heart was racing. I was going into panic mode...all because at that moment it hit me...I would normally have a smoke then and have a chat with Lance to catch up on our day.... and I couldn't!!! OH my I didn't realise how shocking was my habit of smoking until that moment, I could believe how much the had control of me.
I went through the motions and rode the wave of panic that came over me. I keep telling myself "I'm doing the right thing"....."I need to do this not just from me, but for your family too". For almost and hour I was feeling like the my world was crumbling in. It left me feeling drained and worried that what was happening to me, would happen every day during my giving up efforts. I just want the day to come 9pm I was in bed hoping that in the morning I would wake feeling better. Well its the next day and I'm feeling better. I still feel the urge to smoke but I know now that I can do this and I will do this....I'M A NON SMOKER!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Feeling Better

Tonight this post is about how I am feeling after that shocking day I had Tuesday.

For all you blog followers, and causal readers out there. I am feeling great! I saw my GP (Doctor) on Wednesday and I am now on Zyban to give up my smoking habit. I think that it’s working already. I have noticed that the taste of them, are not too good, and that is a great sign that the end is near, because I already want to smoke less!

I have kept up with my gym routine this week even though I have not been loosing any weight in awhile. I have also just found out from the GP that because of my smoking, I am not eating to well and this could or should be the reason why I am not losing any more weight. Therefore, I am now making a conscious effort to eat three meals a day, and to eat in general (no more "skipping" meals for me). I have also booked myself a personal trainer once a week to get my butt really into gear at the gym. Therefore, if I cannot lose weight in 6 months there has to be something wrong with me.

I am pleased with my efforts so far and I am pleased with my motivation. Lance told me today that he is so proud of me, and he pleased to see the old Kylie, that would let this eat away at me and give up, is none existent. I am going to give 110% to this. I mean really what so bad about losing some more weight...and really giving up the cigarettes is bloody brilliant...If it means I get more of a life to live with my kids and family. I am going to give it my all!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New Layout.....New Toys

Last week I made a new purchase of some new scrapbooking items. Instead of buying new papers or new embellishment, NO I brought new toys...they might not be new on the market, but they are new to my stash. And it was great to have something new to play with. These products where an Aqua pen, and a Mini Mister, of course this weekend on my lovely Sundays I have hibernating in my scrap room I had a chance to play with them.

I made a couple of cards using the Aqua pen. The pens are just filled with water and they are great to use with watercolour pencils. They are great with that faded colouring look.

The Mini misters are a great toy too. With the new layout I created I used it to spray a mist of water down paint on to the layout. You can use ink in them, put I find that I have a great range of Kaiser paints and when you water them down in the Mini Mister you get a great spray effect.

I think both of these new toys will be a great asset to my scrapbooking tools of the trade.

Kicked In The Guts

Well its time to blog again and this blog entry is similar to the last one. Its all about me struggling to lose weight. Today I had an appointment to see a plastic surgeon, about having a tummy tuck. It was great today to find out that I'm a great candidate for one. Its just a shame that I'm not ready for it. I was told today that I have to drop more weight. God I felt like I had been kicked in the gut today when I was told I'm over weight and I also have an abdominal hernia. Bloody pregnancy really can do havoc to a women's body. I knew having 4 c sections would be traumatic to my body, but I never thought they would be traumatic to my mind as well! I now have 6 months to lose 5 kg minim but preferable 10 kg and to give up my disgusting habit of smoking. I've already rang my GP this morning and made an appointment to see what we can do about my weight lose and drug habit. I want this tummy tuck not just for vanity, I want it for me I would love to have my body looking semi normal (PRE BABIES) and I want to look sexy for my DH. I think that its time now that my children are growing up for me to think about myself. I know that my low self esteem as a lot to do with my body shape, and there is a way for me to fix it. I will do everything in my power to achieve it goal. I need wait...I want this! Wish me luck fellow blog reads.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Well it Monday all right, I've done the whole get the kids ready for school, drop them off and then hit the gym for and hour. I weighted myself this morning, and it looks like I've plateaued. WHAT THE!! I go three times a week plus throw in some netball and you think I would be trimming down nicely. GOD I don't even eat junk food, I'm really careful with what I eat. I can see changes in my body like my hips don't look as big...but why the hell hasn't my weight dropped...I think our scales are broken.....yep thats it......and thats what I'm sticking with...LOL.

I can't believe it today I normally run around with my head cut off after going to the gym, getting on with house work, but today I'm having a I can't be stuffed day. Don't get me wrong I have done house work, all the washings done and out on the line drying, the kids rooms are clean and so is the rumpus. Even thought I did ask the kids to clean that room yesterday. I've even caught up on the folding form the weekend. But really is this the consistent of my day today. Normally it wouldn't bother me. But today things just seem either to hard or...more to the point "why bother" I know as soon as the kids get home it all going to turn into a big mess again.
Ah yes this is me venting a bit...I should just pull my head in and just get one with my day.
I think the reason I'm procrastinating is because I know I have some mending today and I really cant be bother. The thought of setting up the sewing machine just seems to hard, plus I don't want to move the layout on my desk to set up the sewing machine. I did two layouts yesterday and started another last night before I went to bed. Maybe its a sign that I should make myself a coffee and finish this layout that is on my desk... um

Well it something to think about while I make myself some lunch....but I just know I'll end up getting the sewing machine out and repair several items of clothing that need mending. Gosh so old fashion!! specially in a throw away society. I'm a dying breed of woman that is still willing to fix something before tossing it. I think I must be.

Oh before I go here are the two new layouts I did yesterday, the photo's aren't the best as I took then last night and the lighting wasn't the best.

Camera Savy

Summer Fun

Thursday, 29 April 2010

No Class

Well as the title says "No Class" for me tonight. Oh well more time to scrap at home tonight. I have dinner already cooking in the slow cooker, so there really isn't much to do this afternoon. I was going to get ready to head into Scrappers Heaven for my class tonight, but I don't have enough booked in, so the girls called it off. Its not the first time I've had a class canceled, and I'm cool with it. The only thing that makes me disappointed is that I don't get to hang with all the lovely ladies that scrap there and I don't get the chance to help other scrappers, but those are the breaks.

I got some early mothers day gifts today from my darling husband this afternoon and they are of course scrapbooking items, I got a new cuttlebug embossing folder, and I got some adorable owl brads. Hubby knows that I'm really into owls right now, and its just not scrapping items, I have t-shirts, key chains, and magnets, and one lovely owl candle burner. If I could I would have a room full of them.

I have been making cards again, I'm hoping that I will be able to sell these some how, I'm not sure yet how...but I will work something out. I'm really love making them, the are quick andeasy and its a great way of using up your scraps.

Well thats it for me for now, I'm about to go and pick the kids up from school, so let the noise, fighting, and the mess begin...LOL

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Yep its another layout

It sure is, another layout for my Super Sunday. I mentioned before in my last post that I was working on another layout. Well here it is, I completed it even with stopping for a roast turkey roll that Lance cooked for dinner with all the roast veggie trimmings....YUMMO

So here it is.

I'm really getting into the distressing of my boy layouts I really does give it that roughness need to portray a boys life.
I also love these photo's of Zac jumping off the jetty at Gordon, where we go camping of a summer. Its funny when Zac and is sister starting this they were as scared as hell to do it...but once the first jump was over and done with, we couldn't get them to stop!

Well that it for me, I'm off to start another layout. ;)

A Sunday Afternoon Effort.

I love my Sunday, and the reason for this is. My husband, this is the one day a week I don't have to do anything if I don't want to and it is also the one day I can sit in my scrap room and create, or just relax and sort through my stash which this then inspires me to scrap a layout...(I know how cool is it that...and no I'm not going to share my hubby....LOL)

Well this afternoon my mojo is flowing again. I have created one layout and I'm about to start another one. But before I get into the swing of the second one I would like to share the layout I created this afternoon with all you other bloggers out there.

So here it is.

I love this photo of Zac and Grace together and as soon as I saw it printed the first thought that came to mind was "boy these two look like bobble heads" So that inspired my title for this layout.

Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I'm off to complete another layout before dinner.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

My MOJO is on fire!

Yep just like the title for this post says....My mojo is back baby!
This Easter we couldn't get away, so instead we plodded around home for the break. The kids chilled eating easter eggs that the Easter bunny left all over my house from them. Hubby chilled playing a new pc game which was great for him, as he started a new job just after the break. And well for me I scrapped my little heart out!...and loved ever minute of it. So now my mojo is fully back into the swing of things, I have completed about 9 layouts and I love every single one of them.

So here are some of the following new layouts I did over the Easter long weekend.

I have also uploaded more layouts to my gallery at

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I know the other night I posted some pics of my layouts that I have worked on since I last posted on here last year. Well tonight I'm going to link my Gallery at on her tonight. So for those that follow my blog or just stubble across my blog can check out the work that I have been doing. I might of not been bloging but I sure have been scrapping! I have been making cards to sell, a few off the page projects and also layouts. The only work you wont see in my gallery will be work that I have had published and also my layouts and off the page projects I have made for my classes at Scrappers Heaven.

My Gallery @

So I hope you enjoy looking at my work, and for those fellow scrappers I hope it inspires you to keep on scrapping ;)

Back to School

The kids posing for their Back To School photo's for me!

Well here it is Feb 2010, and the kids are back to school. And the big news is I have no kids at home, Shannon is in grade 9, Zac is in grade 6, Grace is in grade 5 and the big news is that Sarah is in Prep...OH my where did that time go. I cant believe that she is in full time school, it only feels like yesterday I we brought her home from hospital. My baby girl is a big girl now!
The first day went well for them all, and it sure did wear them out. I played netball last night and came home just after 9pm and they where all sound asleep and looking like angels, Lance said they went to bed with no issues and it was long and they were dreaming sweet dreams.

Zachary, Grace and Sarah

Shannon, my big teenage boy all ready for Grade 9

Sarah sitting on the mat in her new class room.

Sarah in the playing in the home corner! This is one of her favorite spots in her new class room and its only been two days.

So this is the beginnings of 2010 at school for the kids and a new adventure for me, having some me time for myself for awhile until I have to return to the work force.
But while I do have the time, I hope to take great advantage of it and get things done that I have wanted to archive last year but never got to them.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lastest layouts.

Here are some new layouts for 2010 and also some older layouts from last year that I had not posted on my blog.

Oldaker Falls 09

Not just housewives 2010

Her beauty 09

Handsome 09

Sprocket & Chain o9

My cute flower 09

Explore 2010

Everlasting Friends 2010

Retro Rockers 2010

She into the in things 2010

Always together 09

A Likeness I Like 2010

Thanks to those that come and check them out!

I'm really enjoying my scrapping at the moment and I cant wait to complete another layout or off the page project!

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