Sunday, 15 March 2009


Yep that right I've been Missing In Action again....

I have become a lounge lizard and a facebook addict....there I've said it!! it out there for all to read!!

I haven't really scrapped anything for ages, I've made a few cards here and there...but all my mojo is gone....I haven't even sat in the study until now! I know.... sad hey!!!!
I have started a layout this afternoon, but I've gotten so far and then nothing....god I want to scrap but every time I sit, I just cant....what the hell is wrong with me. I know that some of my problems are that I'm over thinking it. I should just relax and let it all come flooding back to me.... but no.....its not and its doing my head in........HELP!!!!!
I need scrapping therapy, I think it time to book myself into a couple of classes at work!
Talking about work the only classes I'm doing, is my beginners class on a Saturday and I feel so bad that I'm not teaching more, I feel like I'm letting the girls down at gosh I have to get my shit together! I'm throwing away this great opportunity for me to help other learn this amazing craft and for me to show off my work. Someone help me!! I've spent a fortune on this hobbie and I just cant give it up because of the moods I've been in and because of my poor time managment. Hubby would kill me if I just keep buying stuff and not using it!....he'll want the study back....LOL

There are a few things that has happened with my spare time that I have cherished, and thats we have done alot of family outings. We went away with the kids and it was the first time the kids have stayed away at a hotel, they loved it of course and Lance and I loved it because they did. We have done a few big day trips with the kids and taken them to see a few of the wonderful sites that Tasmania has to offer. The kids are loving it and I value every moment we have to share this with our childern. Now that the kids are that much older we want to show them this beautiful state we live in, just like my parents showed me, they need to learn that there is more things to life then there backyard, playstation and the computer!

If I had time this evening I would post photos from our outing but alas I have to get my butt of this computer and back into my scrapping, before I give up and go sit on the lounge!

I'll keep you posted once I finally scrap a layout to share ;)

signing out for now but not forever!!

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