Saturday, 9 August 2008

Zac is Double Figures!!

Zac is TEN ..Wohoo finally double figures!!

What an awesome event to celebrate!!!

It started with presents in the morning, how cool a new Stunt bike and new cool clothes, almost a new wardrobe for he's birthday. Then it was off to school, loaded with an arm full of cup cakes to share with the class. Thanks to my lovely friends Zac scored more presents after school. 2 tops from Kaylene with were so perfect for Zac and Cheryl gave in a shirt that he was itching tohave when he saw in a store which we shop at regularly and also this cute little dragon that he has to put together. When we got home Dad (Lance) was putting his new bike together while we all got ready for dinner. Zac choose the place which was Kings Buffet and all you can eat place. Zac was wrapped with that, 3 plates of food and 2 bowls of dessert.....Ah thats my growing boy...LOL
When we got home I said that I had and ice cream cake for him, but as all the kids sat on the lounge rubbing their very full bellies they turned it down and said "lets save it for the weekend".

Saturday morning came the first thing Zac did was drag his bike from is bedroom where it had been staying since he got it, and all he did all weekend was ride it and try to do some stunts on it! and then is was ice cream cake time...mmm mini freddo frogs!

I'm so glad that Zac had a wonderful birthday and really really loves his new Bike....Totally Awesome Dude.....LOL

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