Sunday, 3 August 2008

aaahhhh A Quite Weekend!

Its been so nice this weekend to spend the days home with nothing to rush round and do.
I don't know if I could really call it a quite weekend though, I can hear Sarah and Grace fighting...and Sarah is doing that 4 year old wow is me trick, even though I think Grace is being a cow to her. Other then that its nice to be able to sit around in my pj's for half the day and then to pot around the house with out a care. The only plan I have for today is scrapping. I haven't scrapped in two week and I have been missing it madly. I have been" scrapping shopping" though and that helps with my scrapping bug a bit...Now to hit my scrap desk and use all my new lovely stamps and pattern paper I brought over the last two weeks. Well this isn't scrapping this is me waffling away...LOL I think a coffee is in order and then a layoutor two or three! ;)

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