Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my brother's Death, and I already feel like running away and hiding. My emotions tonight have been high and low.
I talked to my mother tonight about what the plan is for tomorrow and I passed on my feelings about it all. I don't want a big gathering, I don't think that we should make a big hohar about it. I think that doing that is not remember him, its just creating another wake and bring back more sadness and painful memories for us..or should I say me!!! Mum has put in the newspaper a bereavement notice on behalf of us all, and I feel as though we should use tomorrow to reflect quietly about what has happen and remember Chris in our own special way. Christopher birthday is next week and I suggested that we did something special that day. I believe that doing something that day means that we are celebrating his life and not his death. I want to remember Christopher for the life that he had and for all the good times we spent with each other and specially the one of us growing up under the same roof! I don't want to remember why he was taken from us and how, it seem to cruel and wrong. I want to celerbrate his life with a beer and lots of laughter about the good time. If Chris was here he would do the same thing! I know it

I love you Chris and I will always...Your big sister xxx

Monday, 11 August 2008

New Layouts

Here are some new layouts I have been working on since I last blogged.
I have a jam pack month this month with classes for work, so while I had some quite time to myself I got creative and busy!

These last two layout are using older original photo's of my eldest DS. I have been meaning for ages now to get some more of the kids baby and younger year photo's into there scrapping album, and now I think it is time.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Zac is Double Figures!!

Zac is TEN ..Wohoo finally double figures!!

What an awesome event to celebrate!!!

It started with presents in the morning, how cool a new Stunt bike and new cool clothes, almost a new wardrobe for he's birthday. Then it was off to school, loaded with an arm full of cup cakes to share with the class. Thanks to my lovely friends Zac scored more presents after school. 2 tops from Kaylene with were so perfect for Zac and Cheryl gave in a shirt that he was itching tohave when he saw in a store which we shop at regularly and also this cute little dragon that he has to put together. When we got home Dad (Lance) was putting his new bike together while we all got ready for dinner. Zac choose the place which was Kings Buffet and all you can eat place. Zac was wrapped with that, 3 plates of food and 2 bowls of dessert.....Ah thats my growing boy...LOL
When we got home I said that I had and ice cream cake for him, but as all the kids sat on the lounge rubbing their very full bellies they turned it down and said "lets save it for the weekend".

Saturday morning came the first thing Zac did was drag his bike from is bedroom where it had been staying since he got it, and all he did all weekend was ride it and try to do some stunts on it! and then is was ice cream cake time...mmm mini freddo frogs!

I'm so glad that Zac had a wonderful birthday and really really loves his new Bike....Totally Awesome Dude.....LOL

Sunday, 3 August 2008

aaahhhh A Quite Weekend!

Its been so nice this weekend to spend the days home with nothing to rush round and do.
I don't know if I could really call it a quite weekend though, I can hear Sarah and Grace fighting...and Sarah is doing that 4 year old wow is me trick, even though I think Grace is being a cow to her. Other then that its nice to be able to sit around in my pj's for half the day and then to pot around the house with out a care. The only plan I have for today is scrapping. I haven't scrapped in two week and I have been missing it madly. I have been" scrapping shopping" though and that helps with my scrapping bug a bit...Now to hit my scrap desk and use all my new lovely stamps and pattern paper I brought over the last two weeks. Well this isn't scrapping this is me waffling away...LOL I think a coffee is in order and then a layoutor two or three! ;)

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