Sunday, 27 July 2008

Slumber Party

This week Grace turned 9 on Monday and to celerbrate it we all went out for dinner that night,
but the big plan was a slumber party...5 girls and lots of girly things to do!

Well is Sunday evening the girls are house is back to normal and the noise level has dropped my 90%.....(my kids are still here so they make up the 10% that missing....LOL)

The slumber party started Saturday afternoon at 2pm and it started off with a bit of sing star on the PS2....oh the noise that was coming from the rumpus room!!
Then the plan was for the kids to scrap some noodle boxes which were the lolly bags for the end of the slumber party...Well you should of seen my dinning was trashed my you should of seen the joy on the kids faces when they finished they noodle boxes.

Then is was fashion show time....the girls showed off their strutting style and their noodle boxes too...

Then is was food and cake time....mmm kids and cream cake make for an interesting afternoon...LOL

Then the kids had time to chill for a bit we has a dancing comp...which I was impressed cause I won...YAY for me!!! LOL

Then it was time to hit the road with the kids and get some chick flick...I packed the van with giggling kids and hit the video store...oh my what was I thinking...LOL...we got there and they all wanted one hundred movies and then there was that typical line of "I've seen that"!! After spending about an hour picking out 3 movies we headed home.

Lance and I had already made plans that the kids and us would have pizza for tea...10 pizza's in total were spread all over the dinning table. Lets say with 10 pizza's the kids had pizza for lunch the next day.

After dinner it was time for facials and movies...I was so surprised on how well the facials went even Zac got into the swing of things and had a facial too....there was heaps of giggles when the cucumber keep falling off their eyes...and when they got me with the facial cream too!!!
While we were sitting around with our mask on, we watched a movie and ate our cucumber...LOL. The girls watch two movies and ate heaps of midnight snacks and told ghost stories until 1 in the morning.

The next morning the girls were all up at 7am....what were they thinking being up that early...Lance and I tried to ignore them until...they were running around the house hunting for breakfast. After the mission of feeding them all. They went off to paint there nails...put on make up and dance to the Pussy Cats Doll Cd!! ....Which I heard so many time this weekend....

Lunch came it and it was left over pizza time and then it was eye toy groove...we had more giggles when the girls could see themselves after they dancing.

After the day of event and as the girls starting leaving....I could see that Grace really enjoyed her sleep over and was sad that it was all finishing. Has she was getting sad I was getting was time to turn my house back into a real house and not some girly apartment with clothes every where, make up every where and Cd's, movies ,Bratz dolls every where...Time for me to sit and reflect on what I hoped was a wonderful weekend for my beautiful Grace!

Happy Birthday Boo!!

I can see a mini album about this weekend is in order....hehehehe


Merriyank said...

I got tired just reading about it LOL. Sounds like a lot of fun. Great pics Kylie. Love the one of them all head to head....

Melissa said...

Hi Kylie, it is wonderful to see you blogging again.Had been popping in from time to time.Wow I think you might need a HUGE mini album, as it sounds like a super awesome party over the weekend.What a terrific Mum you are to do all that stuff for Grace.

mghairgirl said...

What a fun party for your little princess! I am sure she will have fond memories of this party for a long time!!! Can't wait to see the mini ablum you make for this one, but are you sure you should make it mini...I bet you could fill a large album! Talk to you soon...glad to see that you have some time to blog again!

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