Sunday, 6 April 2008

Rocking it out with "Queens of the Stone Age"

Well again I went and saw another amazing band LIVE......."Queens of the Stone Age"
and this is my review......BLOODY AWESOME!!

Other then being kicked out of the building during the support band, cause the fire alarm went off!!! Cause of a stage light melting.... and being suck out side for an half hour, it was a awesome sight to see. The band went off and I mean off!! The lead singer Josh was hot to trot and really cool. He even keep the band on stage after some idiot threw something at him during there set!! "But he did jump off the stage to have a go at the bloke that threw something at him"....the crowd were right behind him in is action...I mean come on we have this world wide band that is massive come all the way to tassie for a tour and then some idiot in the crowd throw something at them....all I have to say about that person is that they are a "dick head"!!!

I have pic's and videos to share so here they are and enjoy....cause I sure did ;)

Josh Homme.....Lead singer

Song : Little Sister

Song : No One Knows

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Anonymous said...

hey chook glad u had a great time even though there was a few dramas lol alli xxx great pics btw

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