Monday, 11 February 2008

Rocking Out with John Butler!!

Thanks to my amazing friend Kaylene I went yesterday to the Botanical Gardens to see The Waifs and John Butler Trio.

Well lets say my whole afternoon/evening was AMAZING!!!!

Kaylene rang me Saturday night with the brilliant new that she had a spare ticket to see John Butler at the Botanical Garden and want to know if I loved her and if I wanted to come....Well from this blog entry you can see that if was a big HELL YEAH!!!

It started at 1 and we got there about 2 and started drinking and letting loose. It was such an enjoyable afternoon in the gardens, a few beers (ok a many beers...LOL) and some brilliant music an afternoon to remember for a long time. To top the evening off Kaylene and I got close up and personal with John Butler himself. I had my concert poster signed and I also got a set of lushes lips drawn on my cheek by John himself!! It was such a blow out to meet him and to find that he is such a cool and funny guy.

I have heaps of photos and video to share with you all...the only thing is some of the vids are
shaky...I must remember when filming a concert not to rock on to hard while filming...LOL

Kaylene enjoying a beer!!

Beer Tickets....4 of many..LOL

Luke and Chris...and thanks to Chris for the Spare ticket!! ;)
Which became mine!!


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