Monday, 4 February 2008

Remember to Stop and Breath

This is the month that will either make me or break me!!

I cant believe how much stuff I have on this month. Everyday is filled with something to do. I couldn't believe that a month could be like that.

We are just coming up to the end of the kids school holidays, so I have all the running around for them to do! Uniforms pick ups and book collection, I have uniform washing to do, we have book covering to do to.

I have work twice this week, my canvas class and also my beginners class, I also have to pop into work today to see what I'm doing next month with Nat.

I'm back to playing netball to this month on Wednesday nights and thats on the calender of things to do!

Then there is the big trip to Melbourne to meet the Girls from I have to pack for that and make sure that I have everything I need. I am so looking forward to this...This weekend of meeting the girl will be such a highlight for 2008!! We are all so excited....ok maybe I'm the most excited...LOL

I have Alli and here family coming down to stay the weekend after the retreat and I'm looking forward to catch up with Alli, Dwayne, Blake and Sarah.

I know that this month I'll be running around like the old staying (a chook with its head cut off), but I know that its going to be so worth it. I just have to remember to stop and breath at times.

WOW what a way to start a year!!! I'm loving 2008 already!

On top of all this I have been scrapping....I really need to get some of the photo's I have printed on to paper! Every quite minute were I'm not running around I come sit in my scraproom and chill by doing a layout.

Here are my latest efforts ;)

TFL! ;)


Tracey said...

lol well atleast you have 3 days to breath in Melbourne lol ... well try to anyway ... Seeya soon!!!!!

Terri H said...

I so cant wait either Kylie. 3 days with you girls..lots of laughs & DONT FORGET THE CAMERAS!

Anonymous said...

ok im so looking forward to coming down and catching up with u even though u will be stuffed by then heheheheh and ill be running around abit but i still get to see u lol alli xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't think that YOU are the most have plenty of competition! LOL...only 6 more days and I get to meet you first....I have only heard wonderful things about you and I CAN'T WAIT!!! Julie xx

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