Tuesday, 12 February 2008

3 Days to go!


I cant believe it! Its only 3 days to go!! And I get to meet the other girls on Sb in Melbourne.
I think today after I have done all my mundane jobs I will start some packing, and go through my list of things to take and make sure I have them all ready.
This is going to be such a great weekend I can feel it in my heart and soul.
This weekend will be creating some wonderful friendship and also some wonderful memories that we will be able to cherish for many years to come!

Roll On Melbourne.....Roll on!!!

Oh by the way....I'm soooooo nervous and I know I'm not the only one!!
But hey that the joys of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the leap to have a good time!!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Its so exciting yet the nerves tend to take over, im not nervous about meeting everyone .... I HATE PLANES !!!
See you in 2 more sleeps (lol)

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