Monday, 18 February 2008

R E T R E A T 2008 "a blast"

This is it! Melbourne Retreat 2008

I can' believe that it is over, and what a fantastic time I had with theses amazing girls.

With nerves building I slept like crap the night before, so with 3 hours sleep I jumped on the red eye flight out of Hobart to Melbourne. We all meet at Melbourne airport and from there on in was laughter and heaps of chatting. When we were all together it felt as though we has all been together before, even though we has never meet face to face before.

I didn't at any time feel awkward around the girls. Even though at time Steph compared me to Kimmy off of Kath and Kim....LOL I felt I could be my true self around them.

What a jammed back weekend....My feet will never be the same again....LOL

It started with a walk into the city for some breakfast and then a tip to the markets, and then back to the hotel room for pre-dinner drinks....(hey Tracey!!...LOL)..and then out for dinner at Lygon St "Italian food here we come" It was such an enjoyable evening with the girls, Tracey and her spare rib's gave us a good old chuckle!

Saturday was the day we decided we have our photo shot, Tracey suggested the day before our tip for us all to pack a white top. I must say Tracey it was a brilliant idea your a legend!! ;)
With our white tops on we headed into the city for Starbucks coffee....Thanks Steph it was sooooo yummo and breakfast and a little bit of shopping. Then we armed ourselves with tram day passes and headed down to St Kilda beach for our photo shoot!

It was great taking the girls down there, we had our photo taken in front of Luna Park, the girls got to see the very old Palace Theater. Then it was off to the beach. Thanks to the help of some lovely locals and tourist we got many group shots of us all having a blast!
What a brilliant way to send a Saturday afternoon, on the beach with great friends on a glorious day!! We wall up St Kilda road a for a boost and then trammed it back into the city, which there we said our sad goodbye to Tegan. All afternoon, while shopping again in the city we all felt that something was missing and that was you Tegan!! It was a shame you couldn't stay all weekend. :( After another spat of shopping we headed back to the hotel for some more pre-dinner drinks and decided we got to the Crown Casino for Dinner and our first stop before that would be Eureka Towers. Well all I can say about that was WOW what an amazing view of Melbourne, I had never been there before and I suggest to who ever read this blog you have to go there...Its such an amazing way to see Melbourne! It was such a great thing to experiences while in Melbourne....Oh and I hope I didn't make myself look to much like an idiot jumping up and down in the elevator...LOL

At dinner I really got to know the girls so much better, I found it easy to talk to the girls about the lose of my brother, even though I did break down to tears talking about it with them. I could tell that the girls felt my sadness and even though they didn't know my bother or my family they expressed nothing but sympathy and care for us all. For me to come out and tell you all the tragic details was hard and only my closest of friends knew. So girls I tell you now that I do hold our friendship close to my heart and for me to share that with you all made me feel that you girls are true close friends! XXX
Well after the tears it was time for desert on the go and facials all round...I must say Julie those photo of us with facial....cracks me up every time, and its funny when my children asked me who are those people...LOL
And then we called it a night!

Sunday morning came and it was time to say good bye to Terri and Tracey as they were the first to fly out...It funny when we went to the lobby to day good bye...we knew that our fun filled weekend was almost over...I really didn't want to say good bye to these beautiful girls that I had just spent 3 wonderful days with...I could feel the sadness in my heart grow. But with a tearful goodbye they left us for the trip to the airport.
Steph, Julie and I had time to kill before our fights home, so we decided to get some breakfast and go to the markets once more. We spent the morning walking around the markets getting our last minute gifts for our family and then it was time to go back to the hotel to say goodbye to Steph and Julie. The tear came out again to say good was becoming harder and harder to let go of these beautiful ladies, know that we wound see each other for a very long time was hard to comprehend. But that was it our most brilliant weekend was over... I felt that the bonds that were made that weekend were going to be long term bonds and that our Internet friendship has become much more then that.

I miss you girls....and even though it has taken me so long to finish this post and a month has passed..there is not a day were I don't think about you all and remember the amazing weekend in Melbourne with you all....I thank you girls for letting me be who I am, and you girls for showing me who you all are....I could not of asked for any better friends then you all!! XXX

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

2 Days to go!!

My god the excitement of meeting the girls from Sb is building up so much I feel as though I'm going to burst!! (walking round with large smile on my face...cheeks are starting to hurt...LOL)

I started packing last night and my case was full! What the hell am I thinking, I look as though I'm going away for a week and not a weekend!! I know I need to leave room in my suitcase for shopping, a trip to Melbourne with out shopping is crazy!

I think today the plan is to do some major cutting back, and just make sure I have whats on my list..."Yes that right I'm a list maker"...If I don't have a list I'm stuffed!!! LOL
All this month I have had a list that is just for me...I even printed this month calender out so I could get my days sorted and also my head round what happening this month.
This is truly a brilliant month for me, brilliant things are happening in my life and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Oh except for Friday to roll on faster...LOL

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

3 Days to go!


I cant believe it! Its only 3 days to go!! And I get to meet the other girls on Sb in Melbourne.
I think today after I have done all my mundane jobs I will start some packing, and go through my list of things to take and make sure I have them all ready.
This is going to be such a great weekend I can feel it in my heart and soul.
This weekend will be creating some wonderful friendship and also some wonderful memories that we will be able to cherish for many years to come!

Roll On Melbourne.....Roll on!!!

Oh by the way....I'm soooooo nervous and I know I'm not the only one!!
But hey that the joys of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the leap to have a good time!!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Rocking Out with John Butler!!

Thanks to my amazing friend Kaylene I went yesterday to the Botanical Gardens to see The Waifs and John Butler Trio.

Well lets say my whole afternoon/evening was AMAZING!!!!

Kaylene rang me Saturday night with the brilliant new that she had a spare ticket to see John Butler at the Botanical Garden and want to know if I loved her and if I wanted to come....Well from this blog entry you can see that if was a big HELL YEAH!!!

It started at 1 and we got there about 2 and started drinking and letting loose. It was such an enjoyable afternoon in the gardens, a few beers (ok a many beers...LOL) and some brilliant music an afternoon to remember for a long time. To top the evening off Kaylene and I got close up and personal with John Butler himself. I had my concert poster signed and I also got a set of lushes lips drawn on my cheek by John himself!! It was such a blow out to meet him and to find that he is such a cool and funny guy.

I have heaps of photos and video to share with you all...the only thing is some of the vids are
shaky...I must remember when filming a concert not to rock on to hard while filming...LOL

Kaylene enjoying a beer!!

Beer Tickets....4 of many..LOL

Luke and Chris...and thanks to Chris for the Spare ticket!! ;)
Which became mine!!


Monday, 4 February 2008

Remember to Stop and Breath

This is the month that will either make me or break me!!

I cant believe how much stuff I have on this month. Everyday is filled with something to do. I couldn't believe that a month could be like that.

We are just coming up to the end of the kids school holidays, so I have all the running around for them to do! Uniforms pick ups and book collection, I have uniform washing to do, we have book covering to do to.

I have work twice this week, my canvas class and also my beginners class, I also have to pop into work today to see what I'm doing next month with Nat.

I'm back to playing netball to this month on Wednesday nights and thats on the calender of things to do!

Then there is the big trip to Melbourne to meet the Girls from I have to pack for that and make sure that I have everything I need. I am so looking forward to this...This weekend of meeting the girl will be such a highlight for 2008!! We are all so excited....ok maybe I'm the most excited...LOL

I have Alli and here family coming down to stay the weekend after the retreat and I'm looking forward to catch up with Alli, Dwayne, Blake and Sarah.

I know that this month I'll be running around like the old staying (a chook with its head cut off), but I know that its going to be so worth it. I just have to remember to stop and breath at times.

WOW what a way to start a year!!! I'm loving 2008 already!

On top of all this I have been scrapping....I really need to get some of the photo's I have printed on to paper! Every quite minute were I'm not running around I come sit in my scraproom and chill by doing a layout.

Here are my latest efforts ;)

TFL! ;)

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