Sunday, 20 January 2008

Summer Fun

This year for Christmas the kids got a pool from Santa ands thanks to some really lovely weather here in Hobart the kids have been in it ever second day!
The kids keep telling Lance and I that its the best present Santa has ever giving them. I know that Santa was on the ball this year with a pool for them.
I must admit that it is great to jump in there on a hot day and cool the old body down. I really think that this year there might not be any trips to the beach as the kids have such a great time in there pool, playing chasing, snorkeling and messing around on all the floating gear they have for it.

Here are some photo of the Kids, Lance and my brother in the pool the other weekend.


Anonymous said...

cool pics cant wait to see them on a lo i so want a new pool not fair hehehehehe lol alli xxx

Merriyank said...

Great pool pics Kylie. Oh I so miss our pool.....

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