Friday, 7 December 2007


I know I always say the I am proud of my kids and that to me they are my world!! and today I'm just reinforcing how proud I am of Shannon.

Tonight he had his big end of year combine school concert at our major entertainment center. I was just like all the other proud parent sitting in the stadium, totally amazed by the talent of our children! Its was amazing see over 300 children sing and play music from classical to modern. There was a few squeak notes but hey there children age 10 -12 playing a various instruments and they gave it a really good damn go!!!
This concert seem so important to Shannon as this is his last year in the combine school band, and I was proud to be there supporting him!!

Next year he is off to start is journey into high school and I know that its like starting school all over again. On Wednesday he had is orientation day and parents were invited to attend an assembly and then afterwards join teacher for a morning tea, plus have the opportunity to buy there school uniforms, of course I jumped at the chance. That afternoon I had to see what he was going to look like.

Look at my Little man all grown up!!

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