Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 and its Almost over

I'm glad that 2007 is almost over! I have found this year the hardest ever in my life.
I have had so many highs and lows.
The highs of being asked to teach at my local scrapping store, the high of getting a new car, and the high of hopefully being published.
The low of financial difficultly with Lance changing jobs. And of course the biggest low ever was losing my brother in August.
The sense of missing him has been heighten over this month, first being my birthday and not be able to hear him wish me happy birthday, I felt the whole day that I was missing something. Christmas made it hard too, even though we had a brilliant day, there was alway a lingering thought in the back of my mind that he was missing, and now there is tonight, not ringing each other to wish a Happy New Year.
These and other moment that are normally spent with family seem so hard. As I sit here writing this it give me time to reflect on how much of a great brother he was at "times".....yes thats right at times.....Baby brother can really push your buttons and he use to be our trouble maker. I remember him for all the good times we had and I think to myself that I'm proud to be his big sister and that even in death no one can take that way from me.
I say to 2007 good bye and I say another good bye to my brother tonight.....I miss you so Chris and in my heart you are always so near.
And hello 2008 I do not know what you have installed for me or my family, but I say bring it cant be as cruel as 2007.....Oh and 2008 I'm a stronger person watch out!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Chirstmas And Another Year Almost Over.

Well Christmas 2007 is over, and to my surprise its had been a brilliant Christmas day..... Other then me falling ill after lunch, just being with family was the best medicine for all of us!

I had been dreading Christmas day for awhile knowing that not having my Baby brother Christopher ringing us all to wish A Merry Christmas hard to comprehend, plus mum received some gorgeous gifts that tribute my brother, I thought that the day would be filled with tears. But to my surprise we had tears during the unwrapping of gifts then it was a blast from there on in.

My kids like always got spoilt rotten from Santa, there was a pool, DS lites for the eldest, Barbie's Bratz, and all sort of stuff being opened. It was great to see smile's on my babies faces and the occasional scream of joy from opening there gifts. Christmas is for children and when they wake up in the morning and see all the presents under Christmas tree and there little eye's just light up with joy, it means all the running round and money was well worth it.

I really enjoy this time of the year. It means time to relax, time to reflect, it means time to spend with family and friends. After having a pretty bad year.....or should I say Half a bad year... I cant wait for 2008 to come on down....The days are already looking brighter!!

Saturday, 15 December 2007


Well its that time of the year again.....another year older am I....LOL

This year for my 35th birthday we had a open night at our house....The kids were being looked after by Lances parents, and I wasn't real fussed if we did anything or not......Well lets say we ended up doing something. Friends came round, my sister came round and it was cocktails for all...LOL

Saturday, 8 December 2007

WOW!! I'm just blown away!!

This evening I just got the best email ever!!!

When I opened the email I just started to scream, Lance had thought that I had cut myself being in the study and scrapping.
I received an email from Scrapbooking Memories, one of Australia's leading scrapping magazines. Asking me if I would like to submit my Kaiser clock I had not long finished making.
I have been trying all this year to have something submitted in to the 3 Aussie scrapping magazines I read, and every time I sent an email to them showing my work I always got a knock backs, but see what happens when your persistent!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Many Projects

Over the last two months I may not have been blogging much but I have been scrapping. It seemed right to get back into my scrapping and with a nice little push from two of my dearest friends Kaylene and Cheryl they got the ball rolling for me again!!

Here are some of my latests creations.

Canvas Art

Trading cards

Some Chrissy Projects!

Love Album

Naughty But Nice (Accordion Album)

Natural Beauty


Silly Girl

Growing Up

What a Face

My Basket Case


I know I always say the I am proud of my kids and that to me they are my world!! and today I'm just reinforcing how proud I am of Shannon.

Tonight he had his big end of year combine school concert at our major entertainment center. I was just like all the other proud parent sitting in the stadium, totally amazed by the talent of our children! Its was amazing see over 300 children sing and play music from classical to modern. There was a few squeak notes but hey there children age 10 -12 playing a various instruments and they gave it a really good damn go!!!
This concert seem so important to Shannon as this is his last year in the combine school band, and I was proud to be there supporting him!!

Next year he is off to start is journey into high school and I know that its like starting school all over again. On Wednesday he had is orientation day and parents were invited to attend an assembly and then afterwards join teacher for a morning tea, plus have the opportunity to buy there school uniforms, of course I jumped at the chance. That afternoon I had to see what he was going to look like.

Look at my Little man all grown up!!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Sorry I have been absent and not here for you!! Time as gotten away from me other the last month. Like a said before I have ventured back into the scrapping world, and done some layouts and other off the page projects. But between scrapping, taking care of my family and also my parents, time just seems to be slipping away from me. By the time I think to jump on the computer, I just get time to check my emails and that all it seems to be. I've missed you blog and I have so much to tell you. The question now is where to start????

As I previously posted I have been scrapping and I have many a things to post on here to show the world.

I have had some trying times mentally and physically over the last month. My mum has had a terrible month with issues about my brother, and with the court case in hand it seemed to bring everything home again and wounds open up again. I could tell that my parents were scream out for help and there was no one there for them. So I took it into my hands to find them help. I rang the victims of crime here in Tasmania and asked them to help me, help my parent. I was finding it hard to parent my parents and I felt it draining on me and also taking over my grieving process. I feel at time I just need to get on with my life and do what I need to do and care about myself at time, I know that it may seem selfish but I seem to handle the fact of losing my brother better this way. I have such a great bond with Lance and my child and they make such a good distraction for me. That having mum and dad drag up there issue about losing Chris, hard for me to cope with! I don't feel the lose of my brother the way they do and I had know idea how to comfort them that I just shut myself way from them. But I am glad that they did come to me for help and I could do everything in my powers to find help for them. I know that the next few months even years are going to be like this, but knowing that I'm there for them must be comforting to them as I know it is for me know that they are there for me.

I'm back to playing netball once a week on a Wednesday night and that has been putting pressure on my week and my tired old body....LOL the and ankle injury flairs up every now and then and my legs ache the next day from playing on such a hard surface!! But hey these are the sacrifice I make to have an hour of fun and glory at times....LOL

I am also finally back to teaching at Scrapper heaven and had my first class last Monday. It was great to be back and sharing my knowledge of this wonderful craft I love to do in my spare time.
I finally had the chance to teach my lovely canvas I made of Sarah. It was brilliant at the end of the night to see versions of my mater piece walk out the door with some very happy ladies.

For my scrapping capers I have been very busy scrapping cards of late ( specially Christmas cards) I have also done some wonderful off the page projects, for Christmas, the main ones being beautiful Kaiser products!!

I've missed blogging and expression my feeling and showing off my pieces of art work!!
Let hope that life can settle down a bit so I can spend more time on here and tell the world whats been happening with my life!!

XXX Kylie

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