Thursday, 27 September 2007


Tonight everything seems to be unfair.

This week I should of been on here writing about our trip up north to be with the girls there and instead I'm going to be writing about how unfair the world seems to be right now.
On the weekend there was a Murder here in Hobart, and being so close to home I felt worried and then when I was told on Sunday night that it was a mum from my children's school it made everything seem so wrong in the world. I felt a panic come over my body and it made me feel unsafe and not wanting to leave my house. I know that I couldn't do that and that I couldn't show my children the fear I felt at this time. If it wasn't for Lance and my children I would lock myself in my room and not leave or talk to anyone. The fear that swells inside me now is scaring me and I'm trying to be brave....But I am finding it so hard.

Today was the funeral for our dear friend and fellow member of our school community and I was asked if I would like to go. But I said no...The time between this shocking news and losing my Brother is just to much to handle. I knew that I couldnt be strong for the other mothers that would of been there and I knew that I wasnt strong enough for myself.

Everything seems to be so unfair right now.....Where are all the good people gone in the world.....Can someone tell me?????
I need something bright in my life right now and it seem that nothing is there.
How can I feel normal when bad things are happening like this.. Please tell me WHY??????

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