Sunday, 29 July 2007

What A Week!!!

Oh Boy this week hasn't been the best for me!!

I had a tooth extraction on Tuesday and it knocked me for a complete six ya! and on top of that and old netball injury decided to pop it head up again. I injured my left should a couple of years ago and ever now and then it likes to ache just to tell me that its still there....LOL

But on a brighter note Grace celebrated her 8th birthday and loved all the attention she could get! I just cant believe how fast she is growing up. I still remember holding her in my arms when she was born and saying over and over to myself that "she my baby girl"
We took her out for tea for her birthday and her grandparent came over in the afternoon for afternoon tea. Lance and I brought her a stereo for her room and we are now thinking we might have to put a sound limit on it, as ever afternoon when she comes home she goes straight to her room and turn on the stereo and listens to Hilary Duff and all the typical kids rock music....LOL

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Anonymous said...

nice cake lol alli xxx and great pic too

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